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November 13, 2019

Welcome and Keynote-- Thursday, 8/1/2019 beginning at 8:30a CST/CDT

1 Carol Gray -- Thursday, 8/1/2019 beginning at 10:15a CST/CDT

Introduction to Social Stories: Philosophy and Case Examples

*Social Stories are one of the most popular evidence-based instructional strategies for learners with autism in the world, currently experiencing a renaissance of new formats and ideas. The approach is also frequently misused and misunderstood. This presentation uses lecture, demonstration, discussion, and one-minute team activities to help participants identify what is - and is not - a genuine Social Story, with plenty of time devoted to case examples, new developments, and a glimpse of Social Stories tomorrow. Parents and professionals who are unfamiliar with Social Stories will leave with the skills they need to become savvy consumers of the approach. Accomplished Social Story Authors will walk away with new ideas and fresh inspiration.

2 Rick Daynes -- Thursday, 8/1/2019 beginning at 1:15p CST/CDT

Are you in "The Club"

"The Club" refers to the millions of people who have a connection to the world of special needs. The initiation, dues paid, hurdles overcome, rewards earned, and super powers obtained are all part of membership in The Club. Emotions run high as we consider how our hearts have been changed and bonds strengthened as we connect and serve special people and special families. The Club knows no boundaries or limitations, and neither does this program.

3 Barb Hobbs -- Thursday, 8/1/2019 beginning at 3:00p CST/CDT

Let's Open a Can of Worms! Sexuality and Autism Spectrum Disorder

Despite the recognition of the rights and needs of individuals with disabilities to experience all aspects of life like their peers, the situation concerning sexuality is far from ideal. Research shows that individuals with ASD are under-served in this area due to lack of quality programs and curriculum. Come and join us as we cover sexuality topics of development, knowledge and behaviors related to individuals with ASD. Be equipped to open that can and talk with your student or child about sexuality. Evidence based strategies such as visual supports, social narratives, and positive reinforcement will be explored to encourage safe, healthy and age appropriate relationships.

Welcome and Keynote-- Friday, 8/2/2019 beginning at 8:30a CST/CDT

4 Dr. Lori Ernsperger, BCBA-D -- Friday, 8/2/2019 beginning at 10:45a CST/CDT

Why are They Doing That?: Practical Solutions For Reducing Challenging Behaviors

Individuals with ASD may experience a variety of challenging behaviors leaving parents and educators searching for straightforward solutions. This session will answer the question: Why are they doing that? Dr. Lori Ernsperger will provide evidence based practices for reducing interfering behaviors with a focus on motivating operations, differential reinforcement, and extinction. Participants will examine multiple strategies for behavior reduction that can be used across a variety of settings.

5 Jenny Montalvo, M. Ed. -- Friday, 8/2/2019 beginning at 1:45p CST/CDT

Sensory Room - Development and Implementation

Do you have a sensory room or want to develop one? Ideas for training staff, establishing guidelines, using equipment and visually structuring the environment to address specific student needs is the focus of this workshop. Can these rooms be academic? Absolutely! Participants will explore how to merge TEKS and sensory activities to increase learning opportunities and improve academic performance.

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